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Am 1.11.2005 wurde überdas Vermögen der DVSG / Frankfurt das Konkursverfahren eröffnet.

Die Fichtner GmbH in Rosbach (Tel. 06003-829615) bietet ab sofort den Ersatzteilservice für DVSG / USM Maschinen an (Schuhmaschinen, Stanzen, Powasert).
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Haben Sie Fragen bezüglich der Insolvenz (z.B. offene Rchnungen usw.) dann wenden Sie sich ausschließlich an den Insolvenzverwalter



Under the TradeMark POWASERT which is registered in most of the industrialized countries DVSG Maschinen & Service AG manufactures and supplies Automatic Screwdriving Systems which are the market leading products since decades in

  • Manufacturing of Windows both for Wood and PVC
  • Garage Doors
  • Furniture Industries
  • Construction of Caravans
  • Wood converting industries

which are used in many countries.

To operate the units only compressed air is required and the systems are available as individual units for manual operation but also as stationary units or as subassemblies which can be integrated in any type of automatic production process.

The POWASERT units are suitable for processing of wood screws, wheet metal screws and Self-drilling screws in the following dimensions: Shaft diameter from 2,4 mm to 5,5 mm and a length from 10 to 55 mm.

For operating 6 – 7 bar air pressure required.

The air consumption dependt from the operated hand gun and amounts to approx. 200 – 400 litres per minute.

For our most robust and therefore long standing units we stock for just in case not only spare parts but offer also technical service and reconditioning in our works.

Our design engineer will support you with tailor made solutions.


Phone Fax e-Mail
Manager Automatic Screw Driving Systems Business:
Anna-Maria Müller +49 (0) 69 /
500 8 11 23
+49 (0) 69
500 8 11 44
Spare Parts/ Service:
Francisco Barrera +49 (0) 69
500 8 11 26
+49 (0) 69
500 8 11 44
Design/Technical Support:
Werner Solga +49 (0) 69
500 8 11 63
+49 (0) 69
500 8 11 44