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Am 1.11.2005 wurde überdas Vermögen der DVSG / Frankfurt das Konkursverfahren eröffnet.

Die Fichtner GmbH in Rosbach (Tel. 06003-829615) bietet ab sofort den Ersatzteilservice für DVSG / USM Maschinen an (Schuhmaschinen, Stanzen, Powasert).
Hier kommens Sie zur Homepage.

Haben Sie Fragen bezüglich der Insolvenz (z.B. offene Rchnungen usw.) dann wenden Sie sich ausschließlich an den Insolvenzverwalter


USM Cutting Machines and Cutting Systems

DVSG Maschinen & Service AG is your partner for solutions for die cutting of all non-metallic materials.

In connection with our comprehensive know-how of the cutting technology and our efficient partners we look always for the best solution.

The product range starts with swing beams up to complex cutting systems including equipment for our customers applications.

In the product range we sell under our TradeMarks USM and DVSG you will find the latest technology in:

  • Swing beam Presses up to 25 tons
  • Travelling Head Cutting Machines from 25 up to 72 tons
    - manual versions
    - free programmable automatic versions including cutting belt and 0-360 degree turning cutting head
  • Beam Presses from 40 up to 350 tons
    - receding or fixed head
    - with or without cutting belt
    - Downstrokepresses
    - Kiss cutting
  • Mecanical high-speed Presses from 5 up to 40 tons
    - double roll feeder
    - laminating unit
    - Kiss Cutting
    - waist winding unit

With your choose to buy a DVSG-machine you establish a partner-ship to our Spare Parts and Service Organisation and get access to an extensive Spare Parts stock and to the technical service, which also offers machine specific operator training.